Hello There...

It has been a while since I have been virtually present. I needed a break from the digital world and some time to figure out my intentions. 

So here is the dealio. My brain is in a constant battle between what I can do for the world and what the world wants from me. I want to be something, somewhere, someone. 

But what does the world even need?

The only thing I could come up with was to just put it all out there. Maybe, just maybe, if I opened up my universe- there might be a small fragment that fits into yours. So, here I am. New website, new goals and new intentions.

First things first! Let me introduce myself. 

I am Tatiana. Every day for me is a journey in self-exploration. Currently, my sights are set on developing my path as a personal trainer, wellness coach and yoga instructor. There are so many factors that go into pursuing your dreams and having a healthy body and mind gives you the best chance at success. It is a life-long journey, but you know you are going in the right direction once you get on the path. My personal passions have gotten me this far and now I want to keep my focuses on helping others. 

Otherwise, I am your normal twenty-something college student. My life seems to change with seasons and I am just enjoying the view. This blog is my space to unload. We are bigger than ourselves and having it all cooped up in my brain is making me antsy. This is a project for me right now, so we will see how it goes!