Episode 4: New Year, Same You

Without fail, the new year brings a sense of urgency to society. We emerge from the holiday season, over-tired, overwhelmed, and over-indulged and try to hit a reset button on our lives. Some vow to break bad habits. Some commit to new adventures. Some swear off of daily comforts. This ice-cold separation from our past selves is a harsh reminder that we are not living the lives we want and feel as if the only way to rectify it is to shed everything that has been keeping us together.

Episode 3: Understanding Yoga and You

Confidence in movement, steady breath, and eyes focused are features of a person that is dedicated to living their best life. As life moves forward, this person learns to be flexible while never sacrificing strength. There is an awareness of the present that allows them to let go of past discontent and future anxieties. Most importantly, this being can understand that they are not doing this in pursuit of perfection, but instead in pursuit of transformation. The ability to put these traits into practice is what is known as ‘yoga’.

Episode 2: Creating Space and You

In order to thrive, it is important to make space. Creating this space can be exceptionally difficult as connectivity becomes a greater part of social maintenance. Expressing individuality, building mental strength, and gaining perspective requires that we are able to take a step back and analyze ourselves and the world around us.

Episode 1: Meditation and You

When thinking of centering the mind as a method to center your life, meditation is the first thing that comes to mind for me. During a meditative practice, you are learning more about yourself and how you interact with the world.