have a good day


I consistently feel as if I am in the realm of 'getting ready'. What exactly am I getting ready for? Beats me. 

The barrier between thought and implementation, for me, is confidence. I have opinions and wants and needs- but I am too timid to reach for them at times. This keeps all of these thoughts and ideas cooped up in my head. It is a funny thing. I know I have the power and knowledge to get where I want to be. Yet, I become discouraged by my own lack of confidence in myself. Before I try, I tell myself that I am not the one to do it. I am not the person that needs to put this out into the world. Yet, if not me, then who am I waiting for? 

We have all heard the quote, "Be the change you want to see in the world.

That is exactly it. There is not time to sit and wait and hope someone else will get done what I need to get done. So, I am going to start getting things done. You should too. What are you wanting to get out of this whole deal?