Yoga Sutra 1.3 Then, the seer abides in his own nature. 

As we meditate, we delve into our deeper existence. We recognize that the body and mind are observable entities. We can also see that they are attributes that our being possesses. We are able to take these observances and recognize that we lie deeper still. Our natural state is separate from our physical and emotional existence. It is the awareness of the many layers one's being is encompassed in. Here it is imperative to note that in identifying with the physical or emotional body, we are not keeping true to ourselves. Also, having a body without imbalance and a calm mental disposition eliminates the obstacles that keep us from recognizing our natural state. 

In my journey to building an Ashtanga practice that I can find stability in, I have been studying the sutras as well as the vinyasas. I talk a lot about discipline (mostly to myself and my journals). Without having a discipline, a guiding light, it is hard to navigate through the thicket that is life. As I go through this journey, I want to highlight an analyze a few sutras as I come across them. I feel as if this may help others understand what the tradition of yoga I practice under really is. I also hope that possibly something in this may resonate with another being out there. Maybe my questions are the same as yours. 

The last few weeks have been trying. More and more I realize that I am causing a civil war within myself. I blame my body and the physical aspects of my world for the storms in my mind. I blame my mind for the dissatisfaction in my physical existence. In this destructive game of tug-of-war, the only thing that is being worn down is the rope. This rope, my natural state, does not belong to the body or mind. Rather the body and mind belong to it. Instead, I allow myself to let it lie dormant and tattered. 

As I go through this journey, I need to identify with my own nature, as I will never be content with anything else. This means treating every aspect of my physical life as something that needs to be taken care of and nurtured. This means allowing the mind to separate from the stimulation of the body and find a place of fluid silence.