The pacing is finally feeling right. 

Taking on responsibilities that leave me feeling drained and overwhelmed is my character flaw. No matter where I am or what I am doing, I almost always find myself trying to do more. Of course, I am grateful for all of the experiences that I have had. Still, the feeling or burnout is something I experience more than anything else.

Earlier this year, I started a full-time job. The whole 8-5 deal. This was never something I saw myself doing. Spending 40 hours a week doing work for someone else was never in the life plan. Before, I was waiting tables, teaching yoga, babysitting and doing whatever else I could to pay the bills and keep my free time. This left me completely drained all the time. 

While it is a compromise, having a full-time gig has given me a new outlook on managing my time. Work is work, the rest of my time is for me. One-by-one, I've been letting go of commitments that are not helping me grow and taking on things that do. A steady income takes away a lot of stress. Instead of patch-working an income to support myself, I know that my 40 hour/week commitment takes care of that. Outside of that, I am very fortunate that I no longer have to work several jobs. Having a real schedule makes me prioritize my time. Instead of teaching yoga, I am working on immersing myself into my personal practice. My school studies are more specific and pointed toward what I want to do in the future. Every week, I am taking time out to enjoy my hobbies. The structure and freedom just feels so good right now. 

Time is always moving forward and I feel like I am getting in sync with that.